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I COULD tell you ‘Why’ I get up every morning…

It’s the ability to learn something new everyday…  It’s education that really puts a ‘fire’ in my belly…

My Mum taught me that – not through words but by her actions. Not just ‘formal’ education, but the education of self – the questioning of ourselves, our motives, our drivers.

The road to self-discovery begins with asking ourselves ‘Why’? Just like a child asks that question…

You see, when we think like a child, without ‘baggage’ but with honest and open curiosity, we can find the answers we seek.

But just because we find the answer to the question does not necessarily mean we find the solution to the challenges we might face.  Here are some classic examples…

Why Do I…?

Why do I doubt myself? Despite the fact that I am a good person, caring, nurturing and supportive of my friends, capable and intelligent, I spend a lot of time in my head, over thinking things and second-guessing myself and invoking a sense of ‘worthlessness’!

Why do I find myself drawn to the wrong relationships with the same type of man? Despite the fact that I know that his approach to life does not align with my values, so I often stay in the relationship as I have this overwhelming desire to be ‘wanted’!

Contemplation SmallWhy do I eat the wrong foods? Despite the fact that I know how to be healthy, feel guilty when I eat the wrong thing and often don’t understand why I sabotage myself and call it a ‘reward’!

Why do I have issues with money? Despite the fact that I earn good money, I’m bright and know how I could be better managing my money, I spend too much by impulse buying to satisfy some deep seated feeling of ‘emptiness’!

Why do I stay stuck in my job? Despite the fact that I have to drag myself out of bed every morning because I really hate what I’m doing, I don’t know how to change it and so I feel frustrated and ‘stuck’!

Why do I avoid the connection to my higher self? Despite the fact that I know when I have had those moments of ‘spirit’ connection, I have felt inspired and connected to something greater than myself, I get back into the daily grind and forget to stay ‘connected’!

These are all questions I have asked myself over the course of my life’s journey and I still don’t have all the answers, of course. But what I have learned is a way to honestly explore myself, without judgement. It lets me achieve a level of ‘Awareness’ around issues in my life as they arise and I have an effective way to gain ‘Acceptance’ of these issues and a process to take ‘Action’ and deal with them – allowing me to heal and move forward.

So, if I don’t have ALL the answers how can I help you? It is precisely because I don’t have all the answers that I can help you…

Ms Pink Revolution SmallIt is like we are ‘Mountaineers’ on our life journey… From my mountain I can see you on your mountain and from my vantage point I have a better perspective on the obstacles in your path, so I am able to guide and support you to take the best path for you. That is not necessarily the ‘easiest’ path, as you may seek the ‘challenge’ of climbing a sheer cliff face or alternatively, you may seek the walking path of least incline – even if that takes longer!

In all of this, my Mum is my ‘inspiration’ – a sole parent of five children, she struggled to support and raise us. She educated herself to allow us to have a better life by elevating us out of poverty and into a space in society where we could explore life curiously, see the possibilities and know within ourselves that we had the ability to learn and grow.

Thanks Mum!

So when I became a sole parent, I too was able to ‘value’ myself enough to engage in education, to improve my sense of self, to enhance my relationships, to gain clarity of purpose, to take charge of my finances and to ‘love’ myself enough to want to nurture my body and reconnect with my spirit.

I then wanted to really implement this into my life to be an inspiration to my two ‘amazing’ daughters…

Right now, I want to share this learning and insight with you.  It’s a revolution!

I am about to expand my suite of programs to incorporate the broad spectrum of our lives – sense of self, relationships, health and wellbeing, finances, career and spirituality (whatever that means for you).

I would LOVE to help you on your journey of personal transformation…

Let’s DO it!


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      Really enjoyed reading this, Kerry. Look forward to taking it is further.

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